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Public Speaking for Adults. Communicating with Confidence

Public Speaking and Communicating with Confidence is an art that can be learnt at any age. It is a life skill that can help you in so many situations from speaking at team meetings, presenting to an audience, interviews for a job and so much more.

It is a process through which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people.

Created by Ms Sonal Dave

What Will I Learn?

  • How to present with confidence for work, interviews and large audiences
  • How to speak in a variety of situations including work and job interviews
  • How body language can make you feel more confident
  • How to develop your own confidence to get up and speak in public


Public Speaking - Communicating with Confidence is an essential skill for life and if you can learn this life skill, many situations that you will face will be so much easier. Just imagine that every time you get up to speak at work, or at a job interview or when presenting to an audience, that everyone is looking at you saying “wow”, I wish that I could be so confident and speak like that. Or even asking themselves “how can they be so confident and not nervous?”

I bet you would love to be able to just get up, say what you want and get what you want, or get the decision you want because you have these key skills!

In this Public Speaking, Communicate with Confidence online course, you will get the opportunity to learn the following:

  • The importance of Communicating with Confidence
  • Top tips for giving a presentation
  • Things to do and not to do
  • The use of body language
  • The use of your voice
  • The need for planning, preparation and practice
  • How to practice your presentation on video
  • How to make your boss, your team, your interviewer and fellow colleagues be impressed by your communication skills
  • Develop your own self worth and self acceptance

This course is delivered through Video learning, activities for you to do and a general understanding of some theory. It will be important that you watch the videos a few times, do the activities and make notes in a way that works for you to remember. You will have the opportunity to do lots of practicing using a mobile phone, video camera and a long mirror. Public Speaking, Communicating with Confidence, is relevant for Presentations, Speeches, Seminars, Workshops, and Interviews. It will help you to develop a much needed skill for life.

Public Speaking, Communicating with Confidence is about you and how you behave and produce the spoken word. It really is important that you do practice, practice and more practice. Each time you will practice you will only get better and more confident. Learning this skill is like learning to ride a bike. You may struggle initially and it may just seem too hard but the more you practice, get your coordination right, get your posture sorted and increase your confidence. Slowly but surely it will feel natural.

There will be a number of exercises to do through this online course. Some will be about you and your life journey (your story), others may be a topic of your choice you like and also one that you do not like, so be prepared.

This course can take as long as you want it to take. You must work at a pace that suits you. The longest and hardest parts of the course are preparing your content, getting ready to video yourself, recording yourself, watching back, writing down what went well and what could have been done better and then doing it again.

Don’t delay and start your course today…….

Smile for the camera and enjoy as you learn.

Sonal Dave is an Award-Winning Public Speaking Expert, a Lady Toastmaster with The English Toastmasters Association, a Celebrant with The Association of Independent Celebrants, The Celebrant Directory, an Actress, a member of Equity and Spotlight, a Singer, does Voluntary Work for Children’s Charities and is a Magistrate.

Who this course is for:

This course is for Adults who wish to improve their Public Speaking Skills and be able to Communicate with Confidence in all situations at home, work, networking, interviews, team meetings, stage events and in the community.


To get the most from this course, please do the following:

1. Follow the course in the order as each section, activity and video will build on developing your skills

2. Make sure you continue to make notes all the time and review the notes as you go along

3. If you feel you could do a section better or want to try it again then please do. The more you do it the easier it becomes and you will get more confident

4. If the course asks you to stand in front of a mirror or video as an exercise then please do this as it is a very important part of developing your skills to accept how you look and sound.

5. When you are given an opportunity to speak or present, do not say no or shy away. Remember what you learnt in the course and go and do it.

6. If you are struggling and need some help then please email me at [email protected] and I will arrange a time to speak to you and help you through. We can do this on the phone or on skype

7. Remember you are not alone. Research shows that 3 out of 4 people fear getting up and speaking in front of people. However, as you are going to do this course, you will stand out from the crowd.



Pen & notebook

Long mirror

Mobile phone or video camera to record yourself

Your Instructor

Sonal Dave
Sonal Dave

Do you want to make an impact when speaking in public on stage, at team meetings, at networking events, community events and so much more?

Through my workshops I will give you tips on how to deliver talks and presentations that really make a difference. Share my years of experience from being on stage, tv and work.

I can work with you to build your confidence and remove the fear, showing you that you can be a great speaker.

I have a variety of coaching packages so you can choose what suits you. I am Sonal Dave and I am one of the top Asian female Toastmasters and celebrants in the UK. I am passionate about my art. I call it art as storytelling and creating visionary environments is art. It’s a way of making dreams come true.

For many years I have been arranging top corporate, luxury wedding and community events through the UK and abroad as a celebrant or in the role of host or Master of Ceremonies. My work is renowned for its high end, luxury feel, I stop at nothing to ensure every step of my work is carefully considered and for this, I am highly sought after.

I believe in being inclusive and pioneering equality and diversity in all that I do. In 2004 I became a Magistrate and now sit on the NW London bench. I truly believe in giving back to the community and this is one way of working towards this goal.

I have led an exciting and varied career with extensive experience as a Civil Servant, philanthropist and Magistrate. Now I bring my passions together as one of the first Asian Female Toastmasters and Celebrants in the UK.

I pride myself on being able to create exceptional and comprehensive occasions that will ensure that my partnership with you is not just for one event. I can conduct ceremonies and events in English, Gujarati and basic Hindi.

What are others saying about Sonal:

"I enjoyed the course and the way it was delivered in bites size pieces so it was't overwhelming and I could work at my own pace. I understood what I was asked to do. I like that you have used the 3 different ways people learn (audio, visual and kinaesthetic). I would recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for public speaking or interview as it takes you through each stage."

Roshni Shah, Australia

"Great venue, great delivery which was interactive. It allows us all to dig deep to find issues that were holding us back. To remove the fears, to be confident and open".

Laxmi Patel

"Excellent experience. One of the best. Very interactive, concise, clear to the point, lots of tips and tricks shared and Sonal’s knowledge about the subject is deep and explained simply".

Charul Bakhda

"Sonal is a Star! I have had the most incredible learning in her workshop. She has covered all the vital points in Public Speaking and Confidence. Today’s exercises have been an eye opener and very empowering".

Bhawna Arora

"Sonal has been so warm, welcoming and respectful of everyone and their stories. Full of great advice and tips, she facilitated all conversations diplomatically and fairly. I have come away with more than just public speaking / communicating information".

Nishma Gohil

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